A Luau Graduation

Sean and I headed east this afternoon to celebrate our good friend Tina’s graduation. Sean used to work with Tina’s husband Ryan back in the day. Tina graduated from MU’s vet school. She is now Dr. Tina Strode! She was even nice enough to let us bring Enzo.

The first stop, of course, was Starbucks! When riding in the car, Enzo tries his very best to be as close as possible to us while still being in the back seat.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I got the same as yesterday (Iced Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte), but Sean switched it up and got a green tea. Both were totally refreshing!

The party was chalked full of luau inspired decorations.

Even Truman the Tiger got the luau memo.

There were two tables worth of food but I only took pictures of one: the dessert table. It was over the top!

Enzo made friends with Tina’s niece. A puppy and a toddler is always cute but these two seemed extra cute.

Here are Ryan, Sean and Enzo. What a handsome group of guys!

Sean and I are off to run some errands, but I will leave you with this….

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