Summer Heat: 1 Veronica: 0

It got me. The 90 degree heat is totally one up on me as of today at 6:30. I had on the schedule to do a 5 mile tempo run today after work. I was feeling good when I got home. I changed and headed out planning on coming back 5 miles later.

That didn’t happen. I definitely did not drink enough water throughout the day and the entire first mile was full sun. By 2 miles, I felt like I had been beat up. It was poor planning on my part. So I shortened my route through the neighborhood and walked 1 mile home.

Total distance: 3.28 miles

Total time: 40 min

Not my proudest moment, but I will not give up! I will conquer the heat!

On to dinner. I was so hot and thirsty when I walked in the door that I decided on a smoothie.

My smoothie contained:
– half a frozen banana
– a handful of frozen cherries
– splash of kefir
– spoonful of brown rice protein
– large handful of spinach
– a glug of chocolate soy milk
– handful of ice

I topped the delicious, although horribly ugly, concoction with a scoop of the husband’s Magic Stars cereal – off brand Lucky Charms – and some PB2.

I sat outside in the shade and ate my smoothie while Sean and Enzo played fetch. It was a glorious ending to a rather disappointing run.

I am going to go watch Glee! I am so pumped to watch the Lady Gaga episode

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