My Heart Lives In CoMO

For those of you not in the know, CoMO is Columbia, MO. Home of the Tigers and where I was born and raised! My mom, sister and mother-in-law all reside in CoMO just adding to its wonderful-ness. Yeah, that’s a word – don’t worry about it.

There is just nothing like the feeling of coming home. I love all the memories!

Let me back track….


I got off work early. Hooray! A perfect way to start off Memorial Day weekend. We were in Columbia just in time to meet my mom and sister for dinner. We sat outside and it was glorious.

I didn’t get a picture but I had a fantastic salad with spring mix, kalamata olives, banana peppers, feta and artichoke hearts. I also had fantastic company!

Sean and Enzo

My mom, Ann and my sister, Elaina

And then I ran into my high school girlfriends – 2 of which live no where near Columbia anymore. Talk about a flashback! It was a great surprise!!!

Katie, Me, Jenni, Kari, Suzy, Meredith

I love these girls! So many good memories with them!


Sean, Enzo and I got up early and ate breakfast. We had some unpictured oatmeal. Sean and I then headed to the MKT (Katy Trail) for a 6 mile run. The Katy trail runs east and west from one side of Missouri to the other. It is shaded, flat and wonderfully peaceful. I truly love it! I have not found anything like it in Kansas yet.

The run was hard, but I did it. I stopped at mile 3, 4.5 and 5 for a walking break but I got it done. It was super hot which drained me.

I love the abundance of Mizzou apparel in Columbia. Never a Jayhawk in sight! However, I also saw a bunch of people wearing t-shirts from my high school. It took me back! There are only two high schools in Columbia which makes for a very hardcore rivalry. I went to Hickman. I must mention that our mascot is….. you will never expect this….. you might not even know what it is…. a Kewpie! That’s right I was a Hickman Kewpie!

Pretty unique huh!

I got back to my mom’s house, showered and made a huge salad.

My salad contained:
– iceberg lettuce
– romaine lettuce
– black beans
– corn
– feta
It was dressed with olive oil, balsamic, honey, sea salt and pepper. I had a handful of parmesan and basil Wheat Thins with some sliced swiss cheese.

I also had about 4 bottles of water! I think I might be rehydrated by now.

My mom and I have grand plans to go shopping and then it is dinner with Sean and his mom. It should be a great evening!

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