Sean’s Sushi Fix

If there is anything that Sean loves as much as I love peanut butter it’s sushi. I wish I could share in his adoration for raw fish, but alas, I don’t. We go out for sushi every month or so so Sean can get his fix. Tonight was that night!

After a successful shopping trip with my mom, Sean’s mom picked us up. We went to Jina Yoo’s. It is this great Asian Bistro in Columbia.

Sean’s mom, Deb and I

We all started with a drink.

Sapporo for Sean.

Pinot Grigio for me.

Plum Sake for Deb. This sake was so delicious! It was so sweet and didn’t have a strong alcohol flavor.

To start, we got Calamari.

Five Spiced Calamari: Deep fried tempura dusted calamari served with cilantro soy ginger dressing.

This was my serving… x2. It was so tender and not chewy at all.

I couldn’t find an entree I was too crazy about so I ordered a side salad and 2 appetizers.

Side salad with Miso Vinagreitte

I ate every bite of this salad. It was so fresh! I loved the thinly cut celery, bell peppers and a few other vegetables I couldn’t identify.

Asian Chips with Chicken Salsa: Chopped chicken breast stir fried with chopped Asian vegetables served with lettuce wrap.

This was the perfect amount of salty and sweet. I also ate every bite of this. The coolness of the lettuce worked wonderfully with the warm chicken and vegetables.

Beef Satay: Tender grilled beef skewers with grilled pineapple and mango salsa.

I ate this last and it had gotten a little cold. I was also pretty full, so I didn’t eat more than 2 bites.

Sean had a huge plate of sushi. I don’t really know what all this is, but he ate every last bite. I have to show it to you because it is beautiful!

He was in sushi heaven!

Deb got a spicy seafood dish.

Seafood Dynamite: U12 shrimps and bay scallops stir fired with garlic and vegetables in spicy cream sauce served with jasmine rice

She was kind enough to let me have a bit of her scallops. They were so tender and mild.

We finished the night with this beast!

I don’t remember the specifics, but we made quick work of it.

I had a great time! The food was great and it was so nice to catch up.

Sean and I are now trying to drain some of Enzo’s energy with some old-fashioned fetch. I am so glad that we still have 2 more days of the weekend left!

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One Response to Sean’s Sushi Fix

  1. lauren says:

    the posts are looking great! i was a horrible/non-existant blogger over my long weekend, but maybe i’ll put something together tomorrow to initiate my new career 🙂

    on another note, these time zone changes have thrown me for a loop. i came home from the airport tonight exhausted but now i am feeling like it is still 9:20 west coast time. sigh.

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