1 Post – 2 Very Different Dinners

We have been internet-less here for about 48 hours. The cable company put a cord in our yard as an intermediate fix to a cord that is stripped, but Sean ran over it with the mower on Sunday. So now I give you 2 dinners in this one post!

Monday Night

Sean and I needed to use up some pork chops that had been in the fridge all week. I coated the pork chops in a lemon pepper seasoning rub and then cooked them in a skillet. I didn’t feel like assembling a lot of parts, so I simply put the pork chop on top of a bed of lettuce and carrots.

I dressed the salad with the usual olive oil, balsamic vinegar, agave, salt and pepper. It was delicious! The cool lettuce and the warm pork chop hit the spot!

We had a super summery dessert again. It was the same as last night just flipped on its side. Sean wasn’t a fan of having the dig for his pineapple last night, so being the good wife that I am, I switched up the arrangement.

Since we no longer have cable (we gave it up to save some money) and we had no internet, we were left with few options. So we hung clocks! It was crazy fun!

I arranged the clocks and then Sean hung them.

However, I believe that I need to buy him a tool belt. He got the job done though. I will post pictures of our newly decorated office soon.

Tuesday Night
It was a long day of work today. Real long. It was busy and frustrating. I wish that I craved fruits and vegetables when I get stressed, but that is not the truth. I crave comfort food in the form of chocolate or carbs. I got home later than usual today so I had little energy to fight my craving. I tried to at least make the healthiest version of comfort food I could- protein pancakes.

Protein pancakes layered with Smucker’s Natural peanut butter and banana. It totally hit the spot.

While typing this, I have been catching up the Real Housewives of New Jersey. That Danielle is crazy! Once this is finished, I will be heading up to bed. It is my turn to drive the carpool tomorrow so I can’t be too tired.

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