Oh What A Dilemma!

*I typed this post on Monday night, but the internet went out so it is being posted now. Enjoy!

Today is the closest I have come to photographing all my eats for the day. A few snacks went un-photographed, but the main meals were captured. I am still getting used to photographing my food throughout the day. Sometimes I just don’t want to take the time to get out the camera, but I appreciate what I eat a little more when I take the time to arrange it and photograph it. Oh what a dilemma!


A honey wheat Western bagel toasted with Smucker’s natural peanut butter. The weather was warm but not humid which is a rarity in the Midwest so we took advantage of it and took Enzo to the dog park.

It was a dog park FAIL. The minute we took out Enzo’s tennis ball every dog BUT Enzo swarmed us. You would have thought I had taken out a piece of raw meat. These dogs were ridiculous and the owners less than cared. Sean and I both were covered in mud. No our dog didn’t jump on us – the tennis ball-hungry dogs did.

We retreated. We put Enzo back on his leash and took a walk around the trails instead.

And of course, stopped to pose for pictures. Isn’t this the cutest!

After such mass chaos, we all headed to Starbucks.

Water for Enzo, venti iced skinny vanilla latte for me, strawberry banana smoothie for Sean. It was glorious!

Enzo crashed in his kennel when we got home. Sean and I cleaned.

Fun fact: I use my feet to mop the floor. My mom always did it that way so I followed suit. Some may call it “too cheap to buy a mop” but I call it “inventive”. It gets the job done!

With the house clean, we broke for lunch.

Chicken noodle soup. I made this earlier in the week, and the leftovers needed to be eaten.

With the soup we had a sandwich thin with butter, garlic powder and parmesan cheese that I toasted under the broiler. I stole this idea from IowaGirl. It has quickly become a household favorite!

For dessert I had a Clif Brownie kids Z bar with a smear of peanut butter and the last few strawberries.

After running errands which included grocery shopping to replenish our empty fridge and taking Enzo for a long walk, the only thing that sounded good for dinner was something cold. So that’s what I had!

I cut up cucumber, red bell pepper and baby carrots, mixed it with garbanzo beans and feta and drizzled all of it with olive oil, balsamic, and agave. This might be my favorite summer salad!

The rest of the plate was sun-dried tomato deli turkey, hummus, kalamata olives and mulitgrain pita chips.

The only way to finish such a summery dinner is with a summery dessert.

Fresh pineapple and strawberries, plain soy yogurt, drizzle of agave, and a few milk chocolate chips. Yum!

Sean and I are currently internet-less so we will probably head to bed soon. We are turning into such old people but well-rested old people!

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