Started with a Sheriff, Ended with a Salad

I do not blog in the morning because frankly, I just can’t get up that early. I leave my house by 7 am every morning to make the trek to work. This morning as I was turning onto the highway with my radio blaring so that I can keep my eyes open until I get to the toll, I see police lights in my rearview mirror. I assume he is trying to get past me so I quickly move over. Oh no, he was after me. He then proceeds to speak into his radio for me to pull up to a safer spot – except I can’t hear him because my radio is so loud. I just assume that’s what he said.

I won’t go into the details because it’s boring. He pulled me over for this

and this.

Clearly, a major offense. Oh, you can’t tell what is wrong. I had no idea either. Apparently it was worth this officer’s time to pull me over at 7 am on a busy street to have me get out of my car – oh yes, he asked me to get out – to show me that I have a hole in my tail light that needs some red tape and my license plate frame is covering up the expiration date on my license. You should all feel safer now that I have been caught.

Luckily, all I got was this.

A warning. Phew!

I (meaning Sean) now have plans to replace my taillight cover because red tape is just not my style and take off my license plate frame. Here it is just waiting to be a part of my car!

Not the way that I wanted to start my morning, but it definitely could have been worse. I am glad that I just got a warning.


Sean put a few chicken breasts on the grill for us tonight. Enzo was more than willing to eat some of the chicken for us, but he didn’t get any. Even with that face, we were able to say no.

I sliced them and put them on a bed of lettuce topped with red bell peppers, goat cheese and black bean and corn salsa.

The salsa is the easiest recipe possible and so delicious!

Black Bean Corn Salsa
– 1 can black beans
– 1 can whole kernel corn
– 1 can Rotel
– fresh cilantro

I didn’t have any cilantro today unfortunately, The salsa was kind of missing something. It was still delicious with these lime flavored tortilla chips.

It is the perfect mixture of salty from the chips and cold and creamy black beans and corn! Yum! I limited myself to one bowl of chips. It is addicting.

I finished the evening with a multi grain sandwich thin with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Hit. The. Spot.

Sean and I just signed up for Netflix. I did Netflix in college when it was just the DVDs in the mail, but now they have movies and shows you can watch online. We have been laughing all evening watching Brian Reagan stand-up. He is so hysterical! This is my personal favorite!

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