A “Professional” Camera

Even though I do not get the summer off, I do get summer hours. Starting after Memorial Day and lasting until Labor Day, my office changes its hours to M-Th 7 – 5:30 so that on Friday we can leave a 3! It doesn’t seem like much, but it is so great! This week was the first week of summer hours. I was at home by 4.

What did I do with all my extra time? I relaxed at home for a bit and then met my friends, Lauren and Erin, downtown for dinner and a concert. We met up at The Mixx. From their website, “The Mixx combines the Art of Nature with the Science of Nutrition to provide its guests with the absolute Flavor of Freshness, all at the prices that will make you smile.” It was definitely all of that!

I got the Shanghai Chicken Salad with a ciabatta roll.

Grilled chicken breast, fresh pineapple, buckwheat soba noodle, peanuts, black sesame seeds, carrots, Napa red cabbage tossed with orange miso vinaigrette.

The salad was much bigger than this pictures makes it look. It was really delicious. I was afraid it would be too sweet, but the dressing was really light and the pineapple just added some tartness. I would definitely get this again. Unfortunately, the roll was pretty dry. I wish I had picked something different.

We stopped by Constantino’s market for something sweet. It was really hard to make a choice.

But we finally did.

Carrot cake for Lauren.

Peanut butter cookie for Erin.

Chocolate dipped shortbread for me. This was only $1! It was dryer and crunchier than I expected, but still very good.

After our sweets, we were off to the concert. In downtown Kansas City there is a unique place called Power and Light. It is a large outdoor stage surrounded by multiple bars. You have to be 21 to even enter.

During the summer they have a free concert series. Tonight was Sister Hazel, a 90’s favorite. When we got inside, we spotted a beer cart that was serving Linenkugels. We were there.

One beer for me!

The show was supposed to start at 8 but didn’t. So we took some nice posed pictures.

Erin and Lauren

Lauren and I

Then it happened. A security officer came over the ask to see our IDs. This is pretty standard practice. Then he spotted my camera (a Canon Rebel – for the record). Here’s how it went down:

Security Officer: “Ma’am, you are not allowed to have professional cameras. Did you drive?”

Me dumbfounded and thinking – is this really happening: “Yes”

Security Officer: ” You are going to have to take that back to your car.”

Me starting to understand the ridiculousness of what is going on: “This is not a professional camera. Can I show you that I can’t zoom to take picture of the band?”

Security Officer: “No Ma’am. We consider those professional cameras.”

Me with a almost full beer that I paid $5 for: “I can’t take my beer with me can I?”

Security Officer: “No. You can leave it here with your friends.”

Me severely annoyed: “I would prefer not to walk to my car alone.”

So we finished our beer while the security officer waited behind us so that he can watch us leave to go back to our cars.

Walking back to the parking garage.

Clearly a trouble-maker.

That is the last picture that was taken. Power and Light is known for having ridiculous rules, and this one is absolutely that. Just stupid. With technology being what it is these days, there should be much more detailed rules about what constitutes a “professional camera”. Just because mine is bigger than a point and shoot does not mean that I can take pictures worth selling.

We didn’t let it ruin our night. We got a little more exercise than most by walking to and from our car an extra time, but we still enjoyed the concert. I just don’t have any “professional” pictures to show you.

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