Awk-La City Bound

It has been a beautiful drive so far! The sky is as blue as can be and the clouds are big and white and puffy!

There are miles and miles of green grass spotted with cows.

Snacks included beef jerky and Sun Chips along with a lot of water.

This times about 4!

The TomTom has been talking to us the whole way here.

“In 1/4 miles turn right. Get on freeway to Awk-la City.”

We laughed the first time we heard her saying this. Did she mumble? Surely she was just trying to say Oklahoma City.

Then we saw this.

Sure enough! Okla City!

About 25 miles outside of Oklahoma City, the tire started to sound funny. Oh yes, we had a flat tire on our hands. Luckily God was looking out for us, because about a mile down the road was this:

Sean went inside and the receptionist was more than sympathetic. A couple of guys from the service department came out. They were nice enough to take our car into the service center and look at the tire for us.

I can’t even begin to tell you how nice these people were. They showed us to the waiting room which had free WiFi and offered to make us a pot of coffee. They were nice but we weren’t too thrilled to be there.

The service guy came out and told us that there was a screw in the tire that had fallen out. That caused the tire to lose air and then we ruined the sidewall by driving to the Ford place. He was nice enough to put on our spare … at no cost!

A few phone calls to Enterprise – did I ever mention we rented a bigger car for this drive because we did – we are headed to swap out the busted Camry for a yet-to-be determined car.

I would have been fine with this –

The Ford people were nice, but not that nice. Hopefully Enterprise will have something fancy waiting for us!

To be continued…..


Mazda Speed for us!

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