Better Late than Never

Happy Birthday Sean!

Hot Husband!!! He is so great even lets me take pictures of him and his food.

My wonderful husband of almost a year turned the big 2-8 on July 3rd… yeah that was 10 days ago. I didn’t forget his birthday in real life, I just have mentioned it in blog life. Come to think of it, I haven’t mentioned anything for far too long. Not sure what happened… life just got in the way and I got lazy. But I am back now!

Anyway, back to the husband’s birthday. His very best friend and basically brother, Tony, came out to visit for Sean’s birthday. These two are truly like brothers.

We went out to dinner for Sean’s birthday, played pool and ate funfetti cake. Yep, funfetti – the kind that comes out of the box.

This stuff! They request it every year. I oblige.

They devour!

It was low key birthday but that’s the kind we like the most!

Sorry it took me so long to wish you a happy birthday here in the little blog Seany! Don’t read into it. You know I love you!

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