Oh So Domestic!

I took the day off! I have been just a regular ole stay-at-home dog parent today. Enzo and I slept in until 9 this morning while Sean left for work around 6. He is a go-getter I tell you!

Once I got up, I took Enzo for a short walk. It was killer hot! The temperature says 87 degrees, but the humidity is suffocating. Not sure why I complain. It’s not like it hasn’t been like this every single summer in the Midwest since I was born. Enzo and I retreated inside.

While he took a nap in his kennel, I got to work cleaning. I cleaned the kitchen. I washed Enzo dog bed. I vacuumed all the little doggie hair from the carpet.

And I mopped the hardwood floors.

It feels so great to have a clean house!

I got Enzo out of his kennel, and we went for another walk. It is still horribly hot out there in case you were wondering. We survived though.

Don’t let those eyes fool you, he was having a great time while we were walking. Chewing grass, sniffing.

After Enzo cooled off with a few ice cubes, it was lunch time. Enzo made quick work of his lunch while I prepared mine.

A Flat Out wrap with hummus, cucumbers, feta and baby romaine. I am eating it as I write this. Delicious!

Sean will be home from work early today. Hooray! And then we have some house guests coming tonight. I can’t wait! I need to figure out something for dinner. I got some time. Something will come to me.

Enzo and I are going to stay cool inside! Hope you do too!

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