Such Sad Eyes

Sean and I had these eyes looking up at us while we ate dinner tonight.

Breaks my heart! He did a great job tonight. We are working on making him stay on his bed while we eat. He is not always happy about it, but he does a great job!

He looks like a prisoner with the chain! We keep him on a leash during dinner so he can’t go as far when he decides he is tired of staying. We use the chain leash so that he does not chew through his leash when he gets frustrated. It took us two nylon leashes before we switched to the chain leash. Please no emails or comments about dog cruelty – the leash comes off as soon as we are done with dinner.

Enzo’s reward for such a job well-done – playtime with Sean! Sean is currently wrestling with him while I type this.

So what did we have for dinner?

Fried Rice! Or at least my best attempt at fried rice. I don’t have all the right equipment to make real fried rice, but I do with what I have and it turns out pretty tasty!

My fried rice contained brown rice, peas, corn, asparagus, broccoli, egg and chicken. The flavor came from the Wok Oil that I used to cook the chicken and vegetables in and soy sauce. I made a ton so it will be leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I also had a small dessert bowl. I love having a little bit of everything! This bowl contains peanut butter, Almond Dream vanilla ice cream and a brownie.

I am off to crawl in bed … after I do the dishes that is. I have got to start using less pans. It is getting a little out of control.

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