I Could Eat This Every Night

I took a rest day yesterday – rest from exercise and blogging. It was wonderful, but now I am back at both.

I was so close to skipping the gym and just going home. I got stuck in the worst traffic on the way home. 30 extra minutes to get home! Ugh. Stop and go, stop and go. It was awful. I knew I would feel better if I just went to the gym, so I did. 30 sweaty minutes later I was feeling great!

After showering my nasty self, I made my very favorite summer meal.

I have made this so many times. I could probably eat it every night if the husband wouldn’t revolt. The bowl contains carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, garbanzo beans and feta drizzled with olive oil, balsamic and agave. Super light and refreshing!

On the side I had a large dollop of classic hummus with off-brand Wheat Thins. Simple but so satisfying!

Last but not least – dessert!

That would be vanilla Almond dream with peanut butter and Enzo drooling in the background. If there is one thing that Enzo LOVES it would be peanut butter! I gave him a little bit on a spoon just because I love him. Not my spoon – a separate spoon just to be clear.

I am off to bed. Tomorrow is my last Friday at my corporate job! I can’t really wrap my head around that.

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One Response to I Could Eat This Every Night

  1. lauren says:

    Congrats on having just five more workdays! It is CRAZY to not go to work anymore. I need something besides organizing to keep me busy, but I don’t have any friends here yet 😦

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