The Great Debate

The last two days I have had mine own great debate on the way home from work: workout or just go home. If I was reading this and it was written by someone else, I would say, “Workout, duh. You will feel better.” But for the last two days I have decided I would rather go home. I am trying really hard not to feel extremely guilty about this. It’s not like I go home and eat 3 dinners, but it is hard to shake the feeling of “you will never be able to change if you just go home.” I know that I will work out soon but life is a little busy right now so I am going to enjoy cooking dinner for Sean and going to bed early.


Tonight’s dinner is something that I grew up eating. I didn’t realize that this is not true for everyone until I met Sean. “You have never had quiche?” I made him a quiche convert with this recipe – the same one that my mom always uses. (Please note – Sean is not a picky eater and although I do think this is a good recipe, I don’t think that I will be called upon to be on the Food Network for this one.)

I lined a deep dish pie crust with swiss cheese and then piled half with frozen broccoli and the other half with ham.

Then I filled her up with 4 eggs mixed with a simple white sauce. The white sauce makes the quiche light and airy – more like a souffle then scrambled eggs

Baked in the oven for about an hour.

With a side of fresh green beans and a glass of red wine. Delicious! There was definitely some dessert after this but it was just to yummy to stop and take a picture of. Please forgive me.

I hope you had a happy Tuesday! Only 2 more days of work at my corporate job… ever. Unreal.

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One Response to The Great Debate

  1. Deb says:

    Wow…that looks good Veronica. And no…I never made quiche…Michael didn’t like it so ultimately Sean never got any! Thank goodness he’s not a picky eater…

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