Two Salads are Better Than One

The blog world has been buzzing this week about the Healthy Living Summit. I am excited to say that I am going too! Lauren and I fly out to Chicago early (really really early) Friday morning to spend time talking face to face with all of the bloggers that we read about every day. While I am gone, Sean is headed to a bbq with a bunch of friends. Of course he offers to bring something – something homemade. So I was a good wife tonight and prepared him homemade salsa and a pasta salad to take with him.

I had thought of a few different options for dinner tonight, but then realized – I don’t really want to make pasta salad and dinner so why don’t we just have pasta salad for dinner! Genius I tell you! Then I thought – wouldn’t it be nice to have a salad with my salad. (Not only am I genius, I am witty too!) And so tonight’s dinner was born… err made.

My pasta salad contained red, green and yellow bell peppers, monterey jack cheese, salami, black olives and of course pasta. I made my own dressing using olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, dried basil and dried oregano. I topped it off with parmesan cheese.

On the side was a simple salad with baby greens and feta drizzled with olive oil, balsamic and agave.

This is my go-to pasta salad recipe. It is so flavorful … after it sits in the refrigerator for an evening. Yeah, it was good tonight but not great. It definitely needed time for all the dressing to soak in. The toast I had with my two salads made up for any disappointment brought about by the slightly bland pasta salad.

A slice of sourdough with real butter. So wonderful!!!

I am curled up on the coach currently but am willing myself to start packing for my much anticipated trip to Chicago this weekend. No promises that will happen tonight. This is going to be an epic week for me. Tomorrow is my last day of corporate work! Eeek! I hope you all have an epic week too!

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One Response to Two Salads are Better Than One

  1. Lauren says:

    Great photos! I am in Lawrence packing. See you bright and early in the morning.

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