A New Perspective on Chips

As a part of the Healthy Living Summit, Lauren and I toured the Beloit, Wisconsin Frito-Lay plant. I went in with an open mind, and left with a huge bag of chips and some new information.

Here are the things that I came away with.

Simple Ingredients:

A bag of Lay’s potato chips contains only 3 ingredients. In my mind, I always assumed that potato chips were greasy and unhealthy and would of course include a bunch of ingredients I had never heard of. That is so not the case. Potatoes, oil, salt. That’s it. As far as flavored chips, there are plenty of ingredients that I can’t pronounce.

Locally grown:

The Beloit plant gets a large percentage of the their potatoes from Central Wisconsin. I have seen the commercial with all the farmers across the country touting their potatoes as the best, but I didn’t really realize how dedicated Frito-Lay was to supporting local farmers. The potatoes that are used in Frito-Lay product are harvested and in the bag in less than a day. Our presenter held a potato and said that it had been picked from the ground that morning at 3am. It was 1pm when he was telling us this.

These People Love Their Jobs:

Having come from a company where I did not always feel like the initiatives of the company were as strong and understood in those that did the grunt work, Frito-Lay seems to have it figured out. I was most impressed to hear that there are countless people at the Beloit plant that have retired or will be retiring soon. 30 plus years these people have worked at the same place. That says a lot about how a company values their employees.
The lovely women that set up the tour were equally excited about the company they worked for. They believed in the foundational principles that the company uses in all media. I will let you go to the website and read the values for yourself because they are great ones, but to know that the people that work for the company are excited about them is wonderful.

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2 Responses to A New Perspective on Chips

  1. Great to meet you this weekend Veronica! That pic of us with the hairnets is pretty hot, eh? 🙂 Take care and keep in touch!

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