Unemployed Day 1: Monday

It’s official. I am unemployed right now. I start classes a week from today and am still trying to nail down a part-time job. I don’t always do well without a schedule, but I am creating one for myself this week. I am focusing on getting a solid workout in each day, taking the time to make healthy meals and blogging!


In my oatmeal was:
– 1/3 cup oats
– 1/3 cup soy milk
– 1/3 cup water
– 2 tbl flax meal
– one VERY ripe banana
– splash of vanilla
– pinch of salt
– toppings: pb and chocolate chips

I also had 2 Adora chocolate calcium discs that I got as a part of the HLS swag. Any excuse to eat chocolate in the morning is A-okay with me!

The rest of my morning was spent cleaning. I vacuumed and mopped the floors. I made sure to take my time and really get the nooks and crannies since I do have all week to clean this house.

I had yet to go to the grocery store, so leftovers it was – pasta salad to be specific.

Plus an apple but I never ended up eating that. After lunch it was off to the grocery store!

The grocery store is super chill on a Monday afternoon. I think the average age of all 50 people who were shopping was about 65. I took my time and tried not to spend too much money. I was pretty successful.


I snacked throughout the afternoon since I was going to be working out during my normal dinnertime.

Luna Protein bar cookie dough flavor. Another HLS swag item. It was ok – very fake tasting.

Cucumbers, carrots and dip plus pita chips and hummus. Delicious!

Peanut butter filled pretzels that Lauren brought back for me from Indianapolis last week. I didn’t actually finish the bag. I dumped the rest into a Ziploc to keep them fresh.

I had some super ripe bananas sitting in my pantry, so I decided to make banana bread. I will post the recipe another time because it turned out delicious.

The last errand of the day was to Great Harvest to pick up some bread. I got honey whole wheat and challah and a sample of course.

Breakfast blast. I can’t remember what it contained, but it wasn’t the best. It was just ok. I headed straight to the gym after Great Harvest and spent 2 hours doing Group Power and then Group Kick. I came back super sweaty and hungry.


We had cracked pepper turkey tenderloin, fresh green beans and challah bread with butter. Yum-O! The night ended watching True Blood. Sean and I are hooked! I am left wanting more after every episode.

Phew – that was mighty long.

Even Enzo is tired after that one!

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2 Responses to Unemployed Day 1: Monday

  1. izabella87 says:

    Sometimes when you are unemployed you discover many new talents about yourself. 🙂

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