Unemployed Day 2: Tuesday

Today was not quite as productive as yesterday, but there were still some delicious eats.


The day started off with an open-faced egg sandwich, toast and coffee. My sandwich was two egg whites, two slices of turkey bacon, a Laughing Cow wedge of swiss cheese all on top of a slice of honey wheat bread. I was craving toast, so I toasted a second slice and spread Nutella on top. Thinking back, I should have had some fruit on the side instead of the toast. Next time.

I took Enzo to the vet late morning. He has been messing with his ears a lot lately and there is a rash on the top of his head that won’t go away. The vet said he probably has allergies. Once we came home, I gave him some Zyrtec – yep, the people drug! That’s what the vet recommended. I was so surprised to hear that.


Lunch was simple. My go-to summer salad with pita chips and hummus on the side. I also had an Attune chocolate bar for dessert. Another HLS swag item.

I did some more vacuuming and laundry meanwhile Enzo spent most of the day like this.

And this.

Then out of no where he yakked. Just like that, his lunch was on the carpet. Not 10 minutes later was he back to his usual self. He was even well enough to fight me to try to get on the couch. Yeah, he is not allowed on the couch, and he knows it. Sometimes he like to test us to see if we will really keep him off. Today was one of those times.

I figured he had some energy to burn so we went for a walk. There are a lot of schools nearby, so there was a lot of traffic and people during our walk. Enzo was super alert.


My snack was two slices of banana bread – one with butter and the other with Justin’s maple almond butter. Then I was off to the gym! I did some ab work and then sweated my butt off at Group Power.


I am especially proud of tonight dinner. I made blackened pork chops with mango avocado salsa. The blackening spices mixture came straight out of the Joy of Cooking and the salsa came from IowaGirlEats. This was delicious! The sweet of the salsa plus the spice of the pork chop was wonderful.

On the side we had asparagus and challah bread with butter. Oh and there was definitely some red wine.

I am now curled up on the couch with Sean watching Fighting and munching some Garret’s popcorn – Chicago mix. We are suckers for movie about an underdog. We don’t expect much but are always entertained.

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