Let the Trainig Begin

I have signed up for the KC Half Marathon! That means I have 8 weeks to be able to run 13.1 miles. It is a daunting task, but I decided it was worth trying.

I created my own training schedule. I am not training for a certain time but merely to finish. I had 4 miles on the schedule today


I woke up about an hour later than I had planned. I heard my alarm at 6:30 but decided my bed was too comfortable, so I got up at 8. I wanted to get out and run quickly so that it wasn’t too hot, so I skipped a real breakfast and just ate a mini Clif Bar.

My run was kind of a failure, but I am choosing to see it as areas to improve on.

1. I should have gotten up sooner. There is not a lot of shade in my neighborhood, so even though it was only 80 degrees I could feel the heat getting to me.

2. I should have eaten a real breakfast. Although I think most of my battle was mental, I am sure that a more substantial breakfast would have helped.

3. Stick to the plan. I planned a 4 mile loop out in my head, but once I started to get tired I started making different turns. I went through a neighborhood I was unfamiliar with and then convinced myself that I would be more motivated to go back the way I came instead of making the loop. Well, my math was wrong and I ended up being half a mile short when I finally arrived home. Bummer.

I was definitely discouraged but I will keep going.


Once home, I showered and took Enzo for a walk. By the time I was back from the walk, I was starving. Too starving! I quickly made a sandwich and threw some Fritos and vegetables on my plate.

My sandwich is avocado, colby jack cheese, peppered turkey and baby arugala on Great Harvest sunflower whole wheat bread. It did the trick.

I left shortly after finishing lunch to head to my first class! Yes, today is my first day of school! I wandered around, got turned around and then finally found the classroom only to also find a note. Canceled. I guess the teacher is sick. Not the best way to start school, but it could be worse I guess.

My next class is after 5, so I currently at home getting ready to drive back to campus. Hopefully, my next teacher isn’t sick too.

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One Response to Let the Trainig Begin

  1. Lauren says:

    Good luck with the training! The rest of the week will be cool running mornings so that will be good.

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