To Do or Not To Do #1

I am currently sitting in the School of Education study room with a full lunchbox that I didn’t take pictures of reading my Google reader because I don’t have any homework I can do at this moment. I have only had two classes so far, but I noticed a few things that I hope to do and not to do as a teacher. I am sure I will come across more of these in the future thus my title includes #1.

To Do

Force my students to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

I haven’t talked about this on my little blog, but I deal with a lot of anxiety when it comes to new situations. I could trace this back to an event in my life, but that’s a little deep for a Tuesday afternoon. My point is that I of all people HATE feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. I do everything within my power to plan ahead and know as best as I can what to expect.

In my first class today, the teacher had us recite poetry while the rest of our grouped hummed a song. We took turns each reciting a poem and then falling back into the humming group. Not something within my comfort zone, but I did it. I survived. I wouldn’t have done it if the teacher hadn’t required me to do so.

Not To Do

Tell students my tests are hard.

I hate this. As a valedictorian in high school with a 4.0 and graduating in the top 1% of my class as an undergrad (It’s my blog – I can brag!), I find it extremely laughable that any teacher would assume that every single student will struggle on a test. Surely a teacher of all people would know that each student is different than the next, so why say such a generalization as “My tests are hard.” I believe that it is out of a lack of vocabulary that a teacher would describe a test as hard. How about “require you to study”, “full of problem solving”, “not straight from the book”? I will get back to you after the first test in this class to see if hard truly describes his tests.

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