Funny How Things Work Out

There has been a little hiccup in my class schedule. I met with an advisor yesterday. Turns out two of the classes that I am signed up to take, I don’t need to take. There is a graduate level class that is required in the master’s program, so I would be taking the undergrad version for no reason. I dropped those classes. The only other classes I can take are full. I am now down to just 9 credit hours.

The only option that I had to pick up an extra class would involve me switching sections of a class I am currently in. That section meets 3 times a week for 50 minutes – 2-2:50. Right in the middle of my day. That section is also full. I would have to show up to that class that I am not registered in and hope that the teacher lets me in.

I have been a ball of anxiety since yesterday at 4 pm when I met with my advisor. I was frustrated that I didn’t understand what I needed to take in order to get my master’s and teaching certificate. I was annoyed that I might have to take a class form 2-2:50 thus making it virtually impossible for me to work at either of the part-time jobs I am so excited about. I was frustrated that I am not able take more than 9 credit hours. Just frustrated. My mind was racing. I felt annoyed with myself for not taking more initiative earlier in the process.

On my drive home from campus, I got a phone call. A phone call from one of the places I interviewed with. She said, “You are our number one candidate, congratulations.”

At that moment, I knew I was headed down the right path. It might not be a perfectly planned path. It might not look like I want it to, but I just have to keep going.

I am choosing to enjoy my freedom. My time at home. My time with Sean. My time with Enzo. My time to breathe. To run. To do something I have not truly done for 2 years – enjoy my life. I may be in school for longer than I hoped, but does that really matter. No. I know this is where I should be.

Phew! I feel better to get that off my chest. I am sorry it had no pictures, so I will leave you with this one.

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