Success x 2

I am happy to report that after a failed first training run I have now successfully completed both of my 3 miles runs for this week. Here is what fueled me before, after and in between each run.

3 Mile #1

Breakfast – oats in a jar

Post run lunch – smoothie with cereal

Dinner – pseudo taco salad with green beans and unpictured Tostitos

In Between Day

Breakfast – Yogurt Bowl

Lunch – turkey sandwich, vegetables and peanut-butter filled pretzels


Dinner – California cobb salad from Ingredient

3 Mile Run #2

Breakfast – peanut-butter toast

Post run lunch – cracker and hummus and vegetables and dip

And now I am all caught up! I have big plans today to work on some homework and run some errands. Riveting right?

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Success x 2

  1. Nice job on your training runs! That last plate of veggies look so delicious right now:)

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