Snacked My Way Through Errands

Yesterday was so productive! Sean and I worked out in the morning, and then after showering and eating lunch, we were off on our errands.

Snack #1

First stop – Starbucks for a venti iced skinny vanilla latte.

After taking the long way to avoid traffic, we made it to Great Harvest. I got a loaf of challah and cinnamon chip, and of course we got a sample!

Snack #2

I had to make sure that the cinnamon chip was still as delicious as I remember. It is.

Fueled by coffee and bread, Sean and I hit up Dick’s, Gap, Gary Gribble’s, and Target before we needed more food.

Snack #3

We wandered around Target for too long. Sean was feeling faint, and I didn’t want to feel faint so we picked up some snacks. Sean got some pretzels and I picked out trail mix. I only had about 2 handfuls.

We finished up by going to Bed Bath and Beyond, Half Price books, Old Navy and lastly HyVee. I told you – we were very productive!

I started making dinner just as soon as we got everything put away.


Tacos! My little taco pile included fat-free refried beans, ground turkey seasoned with taco seasoning, shredded cheese, bell peppers, lettuce, salsa and sour cream with some Tostitos for dipping.

It was delicious! I had another small pile once I cleaned this plate. Sean and I then curled up on the couch to watch some preseason football. I did not grow up watching football, but since being with Sean, I have begun to truly love football season. There is just something so calming about having football on tv. We also took Enzo for an evening walk. He had some energy to burn. Unlike right now.

Somebody hasn’t quite woken up this morning.

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