The Finished Five

Today is long run Monday! I only have classes in the afternoon on Mondays, so I made my training schedule so that my long runs fell on Mondays. So far it has worked out really well.

This morning I got out of bed a little before 7. I ate 2 pieces of cinnamon chip bread with peanut butter and half a cup of coffee. I hope you can visualize this because I didn’t take a picture. Make it look pretty in your head.

I got a new toy for my birthday – my birthday is Saturday.


A pink ipod shuffle. I filled this little guy up with only adrenaline-pumping, heart-racing songs. I used this on my run today, and it was wonderful. No more bulky armband to deal with.

I felt really strong during this run which I haven’t felt in any run over the last week. Whatever combination of fuel and training is starting to work. Here are my miles:

Mile 1:12:05
Mile 2: 12:09
Mile 3: 11:56
Mile 4: 12:37
Mile 5: 11:46 <- check out that negative split

I stopped 3 times to stretch and walked up one hill, but I consider it a great success! I was so ecstatic when I got home.


After stretching and showering, I was finally hungry for lunch. I made a turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese, banana peppers and arugala. I had vegetables and wheat thins on the side. While I ate at my desk watching an episode of Bethanny Getting Married on Hulu, my puppy was fast asleep.

He can sure be a pain sometimes, but oh do I love him!

I am currently sitting in the student union on campus, eating trail mix and an apple waiting for my next class. Hopefully I can get some things accomplished!

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