Winstead’s: A KC Must


I caved and got dinner via a drive thru. It just sounded so good, and at least it was a local restaurant right? Sure.

Winstead’s is a small Kansas City chain that makes a great hamburger. It first opened in 1940 and now has 9 locations in the greater Kansas City area. If you like a classic hamburger and milkshake than you have to try Winstead’s. It is definitely Sean and I’s favorite when we are in the mood for greasy food.

I got a single hamburger with cheese, lettuce, bacon and ketchup with onions rings and a cherry limeade on the side.

The cherry limeades are excellent! They serve each one with a scoop of lime sherbet and a cherry. I devoured my meal, and don’t regret a single bite. Sean and I don’t eat fast food very often, but when we do we like to make sure it’s the good stuff.

I am off to bed! I am actually going to work tomorrow. Tomorrow is my first day shadowing at a local preschool. I am going to be a substitute for them once I feel comfortable with the children and each teacher’s routine. I am super excited!

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