Mama Knows Best

In this instance, I am talking about my mother-in-law, Deb. When Sean and I are in Columbia, she will often times makes us a Polish omelette for breakfast. I channeled her omelette for diner last night.

I planned on making a quiche last night, but I was so hungry when I got home and Sean had to head back to work, so I made a fast and easy version of a Polish omelette instead.

My Mother-In-Law Scramble

– 1 tbl butter
– chopped yellow onion
– chopped red bell pepper
– diced deli ham
– frozen chopped spinach
– handful shredded sharp cheddar cheese
– handful grated Parmesan cheese
– 4 eggs, beaten

I started by melting the butter in a pan at medium heat.

Then I added the onion and red bell pepper. I cooked them until the onions were translucent.

Then I dumped in everything else – except the cheese. When the eggs are cooked but still runny, add the cheese.

I don’t like runny eggs, so I cooked mine until they were firm. This turned out so delicious! You could really add any vegetables that you have. The grated Parmesan was key, in my opinion. It gave the scramble a little kick.

I served this alongside an English muffin and a salad, but that’s just because they were hanging out in my refrigerator. This would be great rolled up in a tortilla, if you like that sort of thing.

This was filling and easy! I will be making this again. I hope you give it a try!

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