Snow Peaked French Toast

Sean and I are not huge fans of the snow, but our pup LOVES it! Enzo romps around the backyard like it summertime. He thinks it is a fun game to eat the snow and then run away from Sean.

This is the look he gives right before he runs away.

While Sean and Enzo played outside, I made breakfast. Considering it was almost 11 o’clock, it would probably be more accurate to call it brunch.

Snow Peaked French Toast

For the toast:
– sandwich bread
– eggs
– vanilla

I soaked the toast in the egg mixture, browned it in the skillet over medium heat and then popped them in the oven at 200 degrees.

His Toast

Sean’s french toast was topped with frozen blueberries, powdered sugar and maple syrup. He also requested some turkey bacon on the side.

Her Toast

I topped mine with bananas warmed in a skillet, pecans, powdered sugar and agave. My eyes were way bigger than my stomach. I only ate about half before tapping out.

We are now curled up on the couch watching some football – the hometown Chiefs are in the playoffs. Sean and I are not diehard fans like some folks in KC, but it is fun to see all the excitement around the Chiefs success.

Happy Sunday!

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