Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Last week Kristin over at Iowa Girls Eats raved about Crock Pot carnitas tacos. She mentioned that her husband especially liked them, so I figured I would try it out on my own husband.

The original recipe can be found at The Kichtn. I suggest that you follow her recipe to a T.

Don’t Do The Following

Half all the spices since you only have a 3 pound pork shoulder and not a 6-8 pound one.

Skip the chipotle peppers … and the garlic. Apparently I forgot to read while cooking this afternoon.

Cook for less than 8 hours. I started late and then got hungry. Bad combination.

What I managed to cook was nothing to rave about but was still edible. My husband is not picky (Thank you Jesus!) and we were both hungry, so we gobbled them up anyway.

The pork ended up being mildly flavorful but not super tender. 2 more hours in the Crock Pot would have made a huge difference. We made up for the lack of cooking time with red onion, sour cream and cilantro.

Oh, and corn tortillas. Do NOT skip the corn tortillas. My husband did rave about the corn tortillas. That’s saying something.

I was definitely bummed that this didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. It still turned out to be a good meal, and Sean was happy. So there is really nothing to be bummed about!

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