My Latest Addiction

Anyone who knows me knows that a Starbucks latte is absolutely one of my favorite treats. Sometimes a nice latte is all I need to turn my day around or get through a long class or celebrate anything, but in an effort to lower the Starbucks bill each month I have opted for a cheaper alternative.

The Starbucks Addict’s Iced Coffee

I begin with a venti Starbucks cup that I saved from my last trip – cleaned of course.

Add brewed coffee up to the second green line. Don’t even ask what kind of coffee I drink. It’s the cheap kind and I am not ashamed.

Then a scant tablespoon of sugar.

Then soy milk up to the next green line.

Then add ice. Oh and don’t forget to give it a stir. Nobody likes a big gulp of straight sugar.

This is seriously so good and so easy! My coffee intake has probably quadrupled, but at least my bank account is not dwindling. Well, at least not because of Starbucks.

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