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The Thick and the Creamy

I am pretty sure that every time I make oatmeal it turns out different. Oatmeal is a finicky food – or at least mine is. Yesterday my oatmeal was super creamy while today my oatmeal was much thicker. I prefer … Continue reading

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Snow Peaked French Toast

Sean and I are not huge fans of the snow, but our pup LOVES it! Enzo romps around the backyard like it summertime. He thinks it is a fun game to eat the snow and then run away from Sean. … Continue reading

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Do You Hear that Squeak

Most dog owner’s I have spoken with have told me that their dogs “kill” the squeaker in any toy they get. The toy does not squeak after their dogs get it. Not my dog. My dog abuses the squeaker. He … Continue reading

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The Finished Five

Today is long run Monday! I only have classes in the afternoon on Mondays, so I made my training schedule so that my long runs fell on Mondays. So far it has worked out really well. This morning I got … Continue reading

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He’s a Graduate!

Today was Enzo’s final day of intermediate class at Petsmart. He passed all his tests! First he had to wait at the door. Second he had to heel walk down the aisle. Third he had to heel walk while doing … Continue reading

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Success x 2

I am happy to report that after a failed first training run I have now successfully completed both of my 3 miles runs for this week. Here is what fueled me before, after and in between each run. 3 Mile … Continue reading

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Let the Trainig Begin

I have signed up for the KC Half Marathon! That means I have 8 weeks to be able to run 13.1 miles. It is a daunting task, but I decided it was worth trying. I created my own training schedule. … Continue reading

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