A Real Backyard BBQ

Last night Sean and I headed over to our friend Lauren’s house. She planned a fabulous surprise party for her boyfriend, Mark, who is heading to California for a summer internship next week.

Unfortunately I did not take as many pictures as I wish, but I have a few to share. We started the evening with beer.

Stella for him. Leinenkugel’s for her. It was so delicious. The hint of lemonade was great for a hot summer evening. We sat out on her back deck and although windy, it was a beautiful night. Once Mark arrived and was surprised, we got down to business. Food – specifically Jack Stack barbeque.

I had smoked turkey on a lovely Kasier roll with a little bbq sauce, a slice of brisket on the side, baked beans, and cheesy corn. It was delightful!

We finished the evening with s’mores and Catchphrase. All that fun wasn’t caught on camera.

Now on to breakfast, it was truly wonderful. The Fitnessista posted a wonderful protein pancake recipe awhile back, and I used that but with a few changes based on what I had.

You can find the full recipe on her websie. I used brown rice protein instead of sun warrior and soy milk instead of almond.

Ready to stir!

Check out the mini griddle! Just enough for two!

Time to flip!

The finished product before the toppings. This plate is circa 1970! My grandma gave me a set of 4 when I moved to Kansas. I love dishes that have a story to them.

Topped with Smucker’s Natural peanut butter and a side of strawberries that were on their last leg.

Sean and I are off to the grocery store!

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