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My Latest Addiction

Anyone who knows me knows that a Starbucks latte is absolutely one of my favorite treats. Sometimes a nice latte is all I need to turn my day around or get through a long class or celebrate anything, but in … Continue reading

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Good Days and Bad Days

I can’t even remember the last time I blogged. I just checked and it was on Valentine’s Day. That makes for quite a long hiatus, but I am ever hopeful that some inspiration and a steady routine will make for … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Party

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sean and I had a bunch of friends over on Saturday to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We had a great time, such a great time in fact that we didn’t take any pictures! Just trust me. We had … Continue reading

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I Would Like to Thank the Lime

A few weeks ago I scoured the internet for slow-cooker recipes. It was – who am I kidding, it is – freezing here in Kansas so I wanted to have some easy hot meals. I came across a Cooking Light … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Be Easier

Sean and I made personal pizzas for dinner, and it ended up being one of the easiest meals I have ever made. BBQ Chicken For Him BBQ Sauce Chicken Red Onions Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Chicken Alfredo Pizza for Her Light … Continue reading

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The Thick and the Creamy

I am pretty sure that every time I make oatmeal it turns out different. Oatmeal is a finicky food – or at least mine is. Yesterday my oatmeal was super creamy while today my oatmeal was much thicker. I prefer … Continue reading

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Last week Kristin over at Iowa Girls Eats raved about Crock Pot carnitas tacos. She mentioned that her husband especially liked them, so I figured I would try it out on my own husband. The original recipe can be found … Continue reading

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